Finnish Saga furs enters in a partnership with the Bolshoi Theatre

Saga Furs has entered a partnership with the Bolshoi Theatre to provide the furs and technical assistance for the spectacular stage costumes to be used in the esteemed institution's first production of Strauss' Die Fledermaus. Celebrated Russian designer Igor Chapurin has been invited to create the stunning costumes.

Russian designer Igor Chapurin has designed an impressive all-white fur wardrobe for Strauss’ Die Fledermaus operetta staged at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. The international fur auction company Finnish Fur Sales donated Finnish specialty products, such as Arctic Marble and Shadow Fox skins, for costume material. The company has exclusive global rights to the Saga® trade mark which, in addition to serving as a guarantee for the technical quality of fox, mink, and Finnraccoon skins, also is a guarantee for responsible animal breeding. The collection designed by Chapurin is seen during the second act of the operetta. On Friday, also invited guests from Finland will attend the performance.

The idea for Die Fledermaus operetta’s wardrobe came from the Bolshoi Theatre’s Public Relations Director, who knows Chapurin and has collaborated with Saga Furs since 1998. Saga Furs is in charge of Finnish Fur Sales’ fur pelt product development.

As the project’s format started to develop, Annette Traberg, a furrier at Saga’s design workshop located in Vedbaek, Denmark, and Rebecca Bradley, a fur professional from London, joined in the practical work. To facilitate the implementation of similar projects also in the future, the partners donated to the Bolshoi Theatre the machine required to work the fur material.