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Alteration, Care & Repair

We offer a full fur repairs, fur alterations and fur re-model service, with full fittings and advice. Our experienced furriers do the work in house in London. We currently carry out repairs and alterations for many established fur businesses and furriers in london such as The Soho Furrier and Gale Furs.

We repair tears splits, moth damage and wear damage. When furs become older or if they have not been kept in cold storage, they can split. At Rebecca Bradley London Furriers we delicately repair the split, and use a soft glove leather to reinforce and strengthen.

We can re-work and re-model furs into new and modern shapes, maybe you have your Grandmothers furs, but they may not fit correctly, or may be an old fashioned shape. We are expert furriers at remodelling of furs, for example, changing the shoulders, shortening the sleeves or hem line, taking in to make smaller or indeed making larger. removing sleeves to make gilets and completely re-making to produce a completely different garment or piece. Remodelling fur coats can be very effective in making the coat more modern and giving it a contemporary design.

We can also completely re-make fur coats or pieces left from a remodel into new designs, for example fur gilets, fur headbands, fur cushions, fur bags, fur keyrings, fur hats, fur glove trims, fur throws, blankets, tea cosies….. there is no limit to what we can achieve.



We can carry out full cleaning and maintenance service of your fur items, including ‘De-mothing’ and clothes moth advice. Cleaning of fur is very specialised, and must be done by a furrier or fur specialist. Fur coats go into sawdust and dry alcohol drums, fluffing up the hairs and removing dust and therefore giving them back their beautiful shine.

Moths love fur, and they will destroy all furs and any other natural fibre fabrics, we can de-moth furs safely and effectively, and give you advise for keeping your clothes and house moth free. If you think you may have moth please do not hesitate to contact us for our help and support.

The pictures below show moth damage and small splits, which are repairable.

Consultation, Sampling & Production For Designers

We work with Designers and Fashion Houses throughout the development and creative process. (please view my client list for examples of my work). We can carry out as much work as you require, from the design of fur pieces, pattern cutting and full manufacture of samples and production.

Consultation is recommended to guide on the specific qualities and needs when designing in this natural but incredible material. We can source a wide range of fur, and advise which fur would be most appropriate for the desired look.


Alongside our range of homeware, we can produce bespoke pieces to your specifications, if you would like matching cushions and throws, or blankets in particular sizes or colours. We have a large range of fabrics for lining blankets and throws, but we are more than happy to line with fabric of your choice.

We can reupholster your existing furniture with fur and/or fabric of your choice, and advise on the most appropriate fur for different furniture items.


We offer a full bespoke service for clients needing something specific, from consultation and design to production of whatever piece is desired from new or vintage fur. Whether it be a cape for a wedding, or a bag from your Grandmas fur coat, the possibilities are endless and we have many ideas we can suggest to you.

If you would like more information please call us on 02079987624 or contact us at info@rebeccabradleylondon.com and we will call you straight away to discuss your requirements.