Care & Advice

Always store furs away from direct sunlight and heat, such as in a cool wardrobe. Ensure furs have room and are not squashed, furs can be stored in breathable, bags which will protect against dust and moths.

Where possible keep in cold storage with a reputable furrier.

Protect from moths using an anti-moth product from a trusted retailer, Rebecca Bradley London does not advise the use of sticky pads which attract moths using a hormone, as these can create more problems. Never spray furs with perfume as it can dry the hair and pelts.

Only clean or de-moth your fur with a reputable furrier, dry-cleaning fluids damage the pelts, and hair.

If furs get wet in the rain, let them dry naturally, never use heat to dry your fur. Should your fur become extremely soaked contact a reputable furrier for cleaning and advice.

Always store coats on wide hangers for support.